14 December 2012

Avon cleansing lotion

Hey guys  I have never really thought much of Avon but i recently purchased a bottle of the three in one cleansing lotion that claims to cleanse ,tone and moisturise your skin. This cleanser is £4.50 but is usually on 4 for £5 so you get 4 for the price of a normal bottle bargain. 

So before you shell you good old British pounds does it actually work as in my experiences these products make the claims but don't live up to it . However this is a different, you use it on dry skin massage it into you face then wash is it off and leaves your skin feel plump cleansed and  moistures not like some other lotions that can leave it feel dry and tight and sometimes looking quite pink. 

All though it doesn't leave your skin feeling dry and it does moisturise. However, you would still need to use a moisturiser especially if you have dry skin like me. All I can say is this product is cheap cheerful and does what it says on the tin.

bye guys

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