12 December 2012

cutting costs

hey guys

i am going to do a piece on horse now every one knows horses are very expensive .i think a really good way to cut cost is on equipment  i find the best way to do this by using ebay and online horse shops . 

i recently brought a heavyweight out door rug brand new on ebay for £46 . Now any of you out there know that a rug like that from shop you would be looking at 60 -200 for a heavyweight rug . So just over 45 pounds is a barging and it came the next day and has a neck it fits beautiful like a rug you buy from a shop . 

i would definitely buy form ebay again if i  needed rugs or any thing for the horse i brought a head collar from my local tack shop for 16 pound it then got stolen and i found on ebay the same head collar for 7 pound i think if you know where to look and with so trail and error you can find some really good deals and seller who are  efficient and send things to you quickly . 

talk to you soon 

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