17 January 2013

Avon super shock mascara

On the lashes 


Hey guys

I promised this my review on my Avon mascara that i showed on my haul on you tube . So lets get down to then shall we and stop babbling on . I have the eye liner that goes with product and I love it so I thought I would try this mascara . The packaging is nice a bit cheap looking but maybe that because I don't really like metallic packaging . The wand is quite thin and has plastic bristles but the over all effect the mascara is good. I would say it more lengthening product than one to give volume but then I have quite thick short lashes so on different people it might have a different effect . I have found it last most of the day however if you rub or touch your eyes it does tend to flake off. This I am not a fan off but I have found this with a lot of mascaras I have used . It price is average for a drug store mascara at £10 but you get 10 ml of product which is average for a mascara it normally around 7 to 10 mls of product . 

So this product is good but it nothing ground breaking it a very average mascara for the drug store it doesn't run it last a long time and it price is average for a mascara . The down side is the flaking and this is what lets the product down.



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