06 January 2013

Pencil or Powder

Hi guys

I am going to  talk about eyebrows yes all have them fat or skinny short of long . Either way they are the bain of my life but they make such a difference to your face when you fill them in and or shape them. I just cant cope with my unruly brows. Here is my question which is easier to use and apply powder or pencil.

I like pencil you can be precise with it . However it doesn't look very natural as it can look quite waxy and in  that respect be quite difficult to work with . In this respect I prefer to use powder as it look more natural can be more easy to work with as long as you set it after so it lasts . I really don't know guys .

At the minute i use the pencil to get my shape and tame my brow slightly and then powder of the top to make it look more natural and not so waxy the set them with clear mascara .

bye guys

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