18 January 2013

Rough Patch

Hey Guys ,
Nothing is going right at the minute I am going through a bad patch so I am going moan to you . My webcam as broke and the camera on my phone is dead jerky so I can't do any  you tube videos . My sister has been ill so I have been helping her out doing her horses so that's keeping me busy a. I have a boyfriend that want to see me all time but he is ill and I don't want his germs not being funny. My room is the only thing at the minute that I am happy with and my blog .

I have but so much effort in to this it would make my day if you would follow my blog trying to get it so you can follow it on blog lovin and other places so watch out for that if you don't have Google account. I suppose I have to look on the bright side I have a boyfriend who loves me my friends and family who will always support me and my horse dolly who unless  want her  to will not leave me and that is lot of good stuff.

bye guys

picture form pinkchocolatebreak.com

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