02 January 2013

Wishlist 2013

Hey guys, I spend many a night watching u tube videos and browsing on boots mua and many other makeup site filling my baskets with things I love to try at some point .So I thought I would share with you this my wish list for 2013 new year some make up well that I am going to justify it . 

           Eye Primer
I have never tried an eye primer mainly because my eye shadow doesn't crease it just wears away but primer also brings out the vibrancy in your eye shadow as well . As long I have horse I will also be on budget so this is very purse friendly at £2.50 as to the alternative of  urban decays primer potion which is around the £20 it just not a option and from the reviews I have seen this is meant to be just as good. 
This is some thing I am desperate to try as much as I am in love with my current foundation which I have done a post on . It rather on pricey side and although last forever it has a matt finish and I am intrigued about the health glow look every one is going for this season and it is currently a £5 on the boots web site so I ordered some very naughty of me I know my other one is on it last legs and after having it a year I fancy a change.
          Pearl Eyeshadow
MUA eye shadows this is a general one because its not the single eye shadows i would like to try i would like to try the palettes  and the trios .There such great review and after swatching a few in super drug these reviews certainly seem to be true so there definitely going on my wish list. 

       Bronzer and Blusher Blend Sunblushed

This  is miners product I never heard of this brand until i started watching a you tuber called miss budget beauty . This is meant to be a blusher and highlight in one and is £4. I cant really go wrong I am hoping it will help me in my quest for a healthy glowing skin  this year . 

  Essie Nail Colour
This I really wont and I think this really should have been top of list an essie nail polish certainly some I crave. after looking in boots I quite like the look of the shade of jam n jelly. it a really nice red colour and I am always on the lookout for a nice red nail colour . it £7.99 so it hardly bank breaking. 

I am absolutely obsessed with eyeliner I wear as part of everyday and I am always on the look out for one that is going stay where I put this might just be the answer and £3.99 if it doesn't work it not the end of the world.


This is some thing I am also rather desperate to try just to see if it is worth hype . Plus I am not a fan of lipstick as they tend to have a drying effect and when you already have desert like dry lip it not helpful . 


The new cream eye shadows by maybelline in bronze as I am and always will be an neutrals girl at heart so hopefully it will live up to my expectations .

so that my wish list for this year and if all goes well then we will have hopefully have discovered some good products that don't break the bank watch this space and hopefully I will have my review on the rimmel foundation on here very soon . 

bye guys 

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