14 February 2013

Happy valentines day


Hey guys

Today is one those days that everyone loves but I don't and it not because i am single because I am not I am in long lasting relationship. I just don't get the fuss why is it on this one day we are all meant to make a huge fuss of our  loved one . Surely if you love some then that love and affection should be shown all the time and we should  make time in are daily life's  to do so . It should not  all be  kept for those special days. Do any of you guys agree or i am just looking at this the wrong way .

I am going to try and post on this blog at least 3 time a week . I am trying to mix it up and try and put posts you want to see you seem to like reviews and the life posts . Now I know I a lot of them at the minute have been lifestyle post and this because I have been have a but of a make up break. I  have been just been leaving my skin to breathe . However I have brought some new make up so I will do some reviews on them for you to try and break things up. 

This post that start out  being about what  today is has turned in to me blabbering away about things that really would have been better in another post but hey ho. I am ill and I have nothing to do so will probably do a few posts to put up this week. At the minute my you tube video are going up once a week but I am not editing them at the minute because don't have the time so they are just one hit wonders I think some times they are the  best ones .

Bye guys 

picture borrowed form pincel3d.deviantart.com

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