24 February 2013

Random babblings

picture borrowed form www.teatimewithtrina.com


I am starving and I need to go and do my horse but I really can not be bothered bad I know. I so thought  would blog instead . I am trying to blog more and I am trying to write my blogs in advance so there for time is not an issue so I can just hop on blogger press publish and there you go . I think I am doing well at this so far  I am bloging about 3 times a week . 

What do you guys think of my face of days they interesting for you or do you just prefer me rambling at you please let me know i am on on twitter I am called horsesfashion82. I was going be horsesfashionbeauty but   twitter would not let  me or let me know. If you do read this blog regularly please follow me I know people do read theses posts blogger tells me you do.  

Hopefully next weeks posts will be mostly reviews/first impressions of stuff that I have been meaning to put up for ages and just forgot because I have memory like a goldfish. Well guys i really must go to the horse now  so my next post will probably be either a review or my make up look for the  beauty bedroom challenge . 


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