18 February 2013

Rimmel wake me up foundation

So I have a very love hate relationship with this product. some days I put it on and love other day I put it on and hate . I heard so much hype about this product on  you tube that I thought I must try it . To be fair it does give your skin that awaken  look that is true . However I have every dry skin and this is were we the problems start. 

Things I love about this foundation is the consistency is love it very light where the foundation I was previously using was quite thick and heavy. Which I did like as I like quite a full coverage. I also love the colour match on this foundation it suits down to the ground and there a quite a few different  shades.  This foundation cover I would say is medium /full but then I have quite good skin and covers up my red areas and blemishes with very littler concealer bar under my eyes.

The down side to this product is although I moisturise everyday it does tend to sit in my dry patches and cling to any dry skin on my face . After I applied this product my hands were covered in flakes of dry skin now I am not sure is it the product or my skin but I had never noticed this before . I do think this is more suited to an oily skin . However if I put my night time moisturiser on this the product is sits better and last longer and does just sink to my skin with in a  couple of hours.     

overall I do love everything about the product is self just not the way it looks on my skin . it looks patchy and sits really badly on the dry parts of my face making it look flaky dry and orange . However it is light has a good coverage and with good skin prep looks great it really does depend on your skin. For me this would only work on an oily day or mixed with moisturiser to create my own tinted moisture say in the summer. Bottom line is if you have oily skin you will probably love it if you have very dry skin it probably not the best for you . 

Hope this as helpful I tried to give a well round review as possible hence why I took so long to go up 


picture borrowed from  uk.rimmellondon.com

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