03 March 2013

Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sundays 

Hey guys So it Sunday today some people love them some people hate them . We hate them because it the day before we go back to work or school but love them because they are known as the day of rest . Sundays don't mean anything to to me I still have to get up come morning to do the horse so no lie in ever for me but it worth it  for doll (the horse). However today was the exception as my mummy went and fed her for me because I had a bad night last night. 

Some people would say you cant beat a Sunday morning a bacon sandwich and a cup a tea in bed but for a lot of us I am sure that is not the case . So these day is  Sunday the day of rest ? Most of us now don't even have Sunday roasts any more. Studies show on average 60 % of use don't cook Sunday dinner on a weekly basis (source) .So is Sunday just another day for us all the dreaded before a hard week a head or is Sunday actually your day of rest ?   So it really easy like Sunday morning for or just the dreaded day before the week ahead ? What do you think .

bye guys 

picture borrow from http://blog.interflora.co.uk

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