19 March 2013

update and ramblings

hey guys

So I said I would blog three times a week and did for about two weeks and now it Tuesday  and  haven't blogged once this week Emma how you do fail at you goals sometimes oops.To be fair I haven't had a very good week and I am really rather glad it is over. The reason for not blogging this week is because I started a new job and with the horses and life in general I just haven't had the time . 

So I have now found out how schedule posts so this should make things easer I hope. Although trying to get anything done in this house is impossible as mum thinks it except  to walk in out of my room as she likes.   she then sits there and asks me questions especially when you have just got up and don't want to answer her questions guur I am telling you  it like picadilly circus . sorry to  moan I love my mum dont get me wrong but she dose have to annoying habbits.

So Iwill carry on with what I was saying I will be scheduling blog posts they be up at least three times a week. I will carry on with productive Tuesdays series yes that was meant to be a series but then my life got in the way so then there was one .

Anyway guy I will speak to you soon I just want to let you know what was going and why I had been absent from my much loved blog for a little while . If want to know more about the blog, you tube and generally me then follow me on twitter @horsesfashion82 

bye guys 

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