19 April 2013

Body shop : Hemp Hand Protector

Hey guys 
The bags beneath my eyes are ridiculous I have a day off today so I can hopefully get my blog on and do posts for the next week and get then schedule to go up for you. So todays  post is going to be yet another review but not from the Audi make up range this is going to be the hand cream  I mentioned in my march favorites. This is the body shop hemp hand protector  this is your new best friend if you have extremely dry hands or callouses on you hands . It doesn't look pretty but it works the texture is quite stiff but not so that you need loads or so that it is difficult rub in to your hands . The smell you either going love or hate as it is quite an earthy smell . This product is £10 for 100ml but will you for ages so worth it.  

Bye guys 

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