08 April 2013

Exercise and happiness

picture made by me quote found on google images 

Hey guys 
This is not a normal post to day but since not having a horse I have been on you looking up work out videos on You tube and doing a few . I found this to have really boosted my energy levels and making me feel more happy . Have been trying the 30 day shred not to loose weight but just keep me from putting on weight and tone me if I do lose some pounds that no bad thing but I am quite happy at 9 st . This is first day I have done the first level and I am lot fitter than I thought yes I was sweaty but I was feeling like i was going to die kind of think this I was surprised at because it quite an intense work out. so do you work out if you do you home video or do prefer to hit the gym or is just case of you have an active life and have never felt the need to workout in the traditional sense. Let me know you thoughts and preferences .Have any of you done the 30 day shred?  

talk to you tomorrow 

bye  guys

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