01 April 2013

Happy easter

original pic from Here  I added the writing 

Hey Guys 

Now I know you all got your eggs yesterday but I was too busy trying to get the blog looking really good . I was also taking photos for future posts  to write this post yesterday so I am sorry this is delayed . I hope you all like the new look it has taken me a while to figure out . What did you all do for Easter? Have you managed eat all you eggs yet ?

My question to you today is what do you do on a bank holiday ? All have I done is enjoyed the time out and blogged there is no other so expect lots of posts and reviews . I am really just bored with my pony gone due my time and circumstances at the moment so I don't have to go do her. It weird if I am not in work I could just sit here and do nothing if I wish but I don't because i am one of those people who has to be busy hence the new look. I thoroughly enjoyed messing about in blogger and getting the look the way I wanted . 

Once I get my self sorted I am going to look for a new horse and I was going to a bit or journal type thing about it . To take you guys along with me so tell you when I have gone seen horses good websites to go on if you are looking to buy a horses and anything I think you should be weary of. Let me if would be interested it wouldn't be for a few  of months and would probably be weekly or may even a monthly thing depending how fast the process of searching for new horse progresses.

Hope you all a great Easter and I will speak to you guys tomorrow for a productive Tuesday.


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