04 April 2013

March favorites

Hey guys

 Today I am going to be telling all about the beauty products I having been love this month. You will notice there a lot skincare but who can blame me it been a cold month.

The first thing is a hand cream from the body shop if you have dry hands meet your new best friend. The smell is something you either going to love or hate as it is a really earthy smell. The formulation is stiff but no so that you need loads . I am going to a more in depth review on this and will link it here.

The next skincare thing I have been loving is my moisturiser both day and night although  have my day one more mainly because I am rubbish at bed time skin care and usually forget and end up falling a sleep oops.the both really hydrating and leave your skin soft and moisturised all day. I will be doing a review on the hole to this skincare range I have been using soon so look out that once done will link it here .

Carmex lip balm this is my best friend and saves my life on daily basis. In the winter my are always very dry very sore and chapped . I put this on before I go to bed self wake up and all the dry skin is coming off and my lips feel soft and smooth .  Then just reapply during the day as needed.

Great lash mascara this I have done a review on and I will link this here. This basically is cheap mascara that does the job it needs to.

Rimmel waterproof gel line this a gel liner that you can get a precise line with and stays black all day. no flaking or fading great everyday product.

Estee Lauder beautiful fragrance this I have loving this month been wearing it none stop beautiful sweet yet elegant smell great for every day or evening wear .

I did a you tube video on my favorites this month will link it here .

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