05 May 2013

chit chat

Hey I am guys I have been uber  busy lately hence why it has been so long since there has been a post. This is just gonna be a chatty post to tell you about what going on general bits and bobs

picture borrowed from m.theatlanticcities.com

In my spare time I am a sucker for browsing beauty websites and filling my shopping bag and saying I will get them on pay day  then pay day comes and life takes over and I never end up getting them does anyone else do this .  I am I strange, I even write them down some times but they never appear if they did i wouldn't be able to fit all my make up in my room .

so what do you guys do in even do you sit on the internet watching videos and browsing websites or do your housework or what . I have another audi make up post half prepared so that will go up soon i hope so watch out for that . My bedroom is being decorated this weekend and I was thinking of doing some like home decor posts if you would be interested in that then let me know might give you some ideas if your doing your own room .

bye guys 

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