21 May 2013

Productive Tuesday #6 warning super long post

Hey guys it that day of the week again I always talk about being productive at work .I want to change that today and talk being productive in the way you lead your life . More particularly in what you put in to your body and the exercise you do . 

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A few years ago I learnt that  I was lactose intolerant which as you probably no it the a sugar in milk . So for some one who back then was a great tea drinker loved her chocolate and ate more yoghurt than was healthy this was a big change . It meant that me and my mum had figure out how we could still eat certain meals and change then by putting lactose free milk in them . This meant I was eating more fresh foods and things like pizza I had to make from scratch. Although this was difficult at first I feel so much better for it and lost quite a lot of weight in the process because I wasn't eating as many convenience foods . I also now don't eat red meat mainly because I  had bad experience with it one day and I have not eaten it since but although this may sound like a very limited diet it now means that what goes in to me is better for me . 

So I want you guys to try and be more productive in what you do in day go to gym if you have a gym at work use it when you get home go for walk especially as now it is light later if you have kids take them with you . Next you think about ordering a pizza think if how much fun you could have if you made it your self . What I am saying instead always bunging things in the oven or phoning to a takeaway just think if there is a better option and if there is do it even it will take you a little bit long and encourage you kids family partners to try new things . By you productive about you health you encourage them and the end of the day your health is very important. 

I have been forced to make these changes but I am so happy that I have because it means that have healthier diet for it .Don't get me wrong I am not perfect by a long stretch but it all helps . I know it wont be easy but you have the option to change you lifestyle . Why not do it be productive in the kitchen and in the exercise you do be productive about your health.

Bye guys

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