16 June 2013

A sunday post just for you !

Hey guys
I am taking a break from the reviews for today it a Sunday .So I am going lifestyle type post because  its a Sunday all you want to do is kick back relax and enjoy the sunshine. If there is any although it was nice yesterday so I am hopeful that sun might stay the weekend but who can tell we live in the UK .

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So what you guys up today ? I am back on a bit of a fitness kick after that productive Tuesday I did start eating more healthy . Yesterday I got back on the exercise and I have started to do the 30 day shred again as I feel I am losing some of tightness I have round my middle.

Picture borrowed form HERE

It fathers day today any body else find it ridiculously hard buy for men weather it be for fathers day or a birthday . Do anyone else find this problem or is just me I tend to stick to things like tie, handkerchiefs and fragrances. I always find so many ways they could even take those types of gifts the wrong way it weird or may I just over think things. 

Anyways are you guys having a good day? what did you buy your dad for fathers day ?Are you on bit of fitness kick for the summer? Give me thoughts feeling below!

Bye guys 

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