26 June 2013

Avon nail wraps

Hey guys again this was meant to go up yesterday  put my laptop was not allowing this so it here today instead. As some of you may know I am Avon rep so this mean I get a look at the new items coming out ahead and  can order what I choose at discounted price. This nails wraps are example of this they wont be out till campaign 12 so around mid July. Like most thing something you get you love other you don't .

I have to say guys I am not a lover of them I have always has my doubts but I was will to try them and keep an open mind . I just found that the the look scruffy and are difficult to put on because they are quite long seriously if you had nail that long then you would they would be like claws. this means they bubble because off all the excess. .

I have quite narrow finger nails but I found it hard to get the right with with out having a gap. But I do think practice makes perfect because when I did my second hand it went much better . So my advice would be if yo want to try them do so. Keep and open mind take your time and remember practice make perfect like painting you nails did when you where learning as it were

Overall I think these would be great as a relativity quick fix if you wear going out . I think would probably wear better of you but a clear nail polish over top as they don't wear well enough to wear for long as they get scruffy easily . 

bye guys 

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