05 June 2013

Avon solutions skin care : bio-phase cleanser

Hey guys On a blogging role today doing a load of post for the next week other wise you only get one post a week and that not fair . So I am going to continue with the review of the Avon skincare range . 

This the Avon solution freshest pure dual phase facial cleanser. I personally didn't get on with cleanser but I think that because of the way it has to be used . I am a facial wash kinda something you can use in the shower it laves up on your face you wash it off bish bash bosh. This is not like this hence my problem. Your meant to put it on a cotton pad sweep it all over you face and wash it off . However it not convenient  to have to take to cotton pad in to the shower with you is it now . The other problem is because it doesn't lava up so I don't feel like It washing my or even cleansing my face . over all I don't think a bio-phase formula  for me and wouldn't buy other one after my experience with this . I didn't finish this product and I am not using a facial wash review will up soon.

bye guys

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