27 June 2013

Loreal Paris telescopic false lash effect mascara

Hey guys  today going to be doing a review on the mascara I have been using for about 3 weeks now and I absolutely  love it . I don't have the best eyelashes in the world but with this mascara nobody would know. It lengths separates and adds volume all in one with minimal clumping. 

This mascara isn't cheap at £10.99 but it worth it as it does the job to be quite honest mascara these day is over priced for what it is .  As you can tell from the picture the packaging is very expensive looking compared to your average mascara . 

The wand a plastic and is  very thin slightly curved with short brittles. I don't like fat wands as just find that clump the lashes plus I have hooded eyes. So I just tend to make a mess with them as get transfer or I poke my self in eye with it trying to get to the roots of my lashes we have all done this I am sure girls . The slightly curved wand helps you get a curl in your lash with out eyelash curlers he short brittles help length. However if you layer this product you can get good bet of volume at the root of your lashes. I bet you all die to see it on the lashes now so here is picture .

please note I did curl my lashes with and eyelash curler 

Right I think I have babbled on for long enough I love this product and if I find nothing better I would definitely repurchase it . The results speak for themselves in my opinion as with most my reviews it a bit picture crazy but in order review honestly you need evidence so there you go.I will you guys tomorrow .

bye guys

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