19 June 2013

Productive Tuesday #10

Hey guys this post was meant to go up yesterday but I  was so busy I forgot as I was so busy  so you will get two post today lucky people. 

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How do you keep your self busy productively busy. Not busy as in I am busy but it just little things it could have waited but avoiding doing thing I really need to do busy . An example of this is I am too busy to to work out but actually you don't want to . Another would be I will do that but I am waiting for this before I can do it .We are guilty of doing this I am doing right now I should be doing my shred for the day I told my self I need to blog first actually blogging could have been done after 30 shred work is only 30 minutes . 
What I am  trying to say it don't do what I am doing try and make sure that when your busy your doing productive things. Not well nothing type things basicly making your self busy so you don't have to do other thing.

bye guys 

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