25 June 2013

Productive Tuesday #11

Hey guys I am very behind on the blogging front and I am now trying to desperately trying to catch up this my second blog post I  have to wrote today you will see that one tomorrow. So this productive Tuesday with a twist. 

Sometimes I run out of unproductive things to do at work.
                                                             picture borrowed form here 

 The twist is what distracts you from being productive like when I blog I have to have music on as it help me concentrate but I know for others it is distracting. I could never blog with the tv on or anything like that because that would distract me . I think what distracts me most I know this going to sound silly but knowing I have other things to do . I cant sit and blog knowing that I have to go work but before I have to go get this and do this .I cant do because I cant concentrate because I know I have other things to do and it bothers me.  What distracts you from being productive with your day ?

bye guys 

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