04 June 2013

Productive Tuesday #8

Hey guys, 
Its that time of the week again the most productive day in week and I have to say this always seems to be true for me I am always so busy on Tuesday . I was shocked at the amount of views my post on heath living got click here   (If you don't what I am on about) I am so glad it it is such as important thing to remember .

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The quote I am going to focus on today is "If  a cluttered desk signs a cluttered mind. of what then is an empty desk a sign?" - Albert Einstein . I am naturally tidy person mess just does my head in . I cope with for a few days then I have to do something about it. If something is a mess I cant think properly . So if you feel something is going wrong or you just can't think properly try tiding putting things in order might help you to think in logical order to do things efficiently so you can be at your most productive. so next time you cant do something tidying it might help you tidy you mind to make sense of the situation .

bye guys 
speak to you tomorrow 

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