11 June 2013

Productive Tuesday #9

Hey guys 

My question to you today is what motivates you ? For me its when things start to annoy me and I get sick of things not being done .Sick of having to do the the same thing everyday just avoid doing the one thing that would make so I wouldn't have to it everyday. I only do it when get tired of whatever it is that I just do it .It shouldn't be like that I should be able to motivate my self to things with out having then annoy so much that I just to do them in a mad range . Find things that motivate you that isn't just annoyance that it isn't something done. Think of the benefits of if you did that thing would it make your life easier would it just give you  relief know that  its done . If all else fails treat you self to something so if I do this I can have this or I do this or text a friend and say can we meet once  have done this I will text when I am done .Motivate your self and do what you need to do !

bye guys 

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