06 June 2013

Revlon just bitten kissable balm stains

Hey guys 
Today I am going to talk to you about the Revlon just bitten kissable balm stains .I know I am bit late on the band wagon here but I really didn't want to review till I knew probably weather I loved them or not. 



Like with other products I  have reviewed on this blog at first I really didn't get the hype an I didn't really like them . I thought that because they had a lip balm with in them that they would be better for my  dry lips and would help and not cling to my dry parts of my lips . I was wrong you defiantly need well prepared moisturised lips to wear these because one they will last longer and two they will sit better on your lips .I know have three of these I have them in honey , rendezvous and crush.

honey,crush ,rendezvous

Honey was the first balm stain I brought as I thought to test these probably I would need a colour I was going  to wear a lot something I could wear everyday. Once I figured out that you need to prepare you lips properly I got along with the product fine. It lasted until I ate something which i was impressed because normal you have a drink and it gone . I then crush and rendezvous at the same time and crush is my favourite out of the two . All though I do thing the dark colour crush stays on longer then the other two but the that to be the way with dark lip stick .



Picture crazy as always but it the only way you really know what i am on about is if you can see it for self . 

bye guys 

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