28 June 2013

Wishlist 2013 update uber long post

Hey guys as some of you might remember in the new year I did a wishlist 2013. Now we are half way thought the year I thought I would and update let you know how far I have got through my wish list.

The first thing on my list was the MUA eye primer now I have heard good and bad reviews on this . I am still yet to try mainly because I find it quite hard find in stores so I might have to order of there website link here The next item on my list was the was the Rimmel wake me up foundation and this I did buy and review on this blog link here . The next thing on the list was the MUA eye shadows these I have tried both a trio and a pallet. Although they are great they are all shimmery . I cant seem to find a good matt shadow from them review to come soon . The next item was the was miners product again just not yet got round to it but I think it will be the next thing on my list when pay day comes . 

The next two items on my list are again thing I have got round to trying as of yet . These two products are the Essie nail polishes and the Rimmel scandalise eye liner. Which I want to test against my Avon super shock which is amazing . So again defiantly on shopping list in the near future and of course I will review for you guys.The next item on my list was a Revlon lip butter now I did get one of these in the popular colour crème brulee. However I didn't like the colour and melted and so I didn't feel like I review the product .So intend to get a different colour to try and will review that for you . The finial item on the list was Maybeline colour tattoo in the bad to the bronze again thing this maybe on it way soon as have to boot points dying to be spent. 

So I haven't done too badly I have managed three out of eight . Saying this I do see I trip to boots appearing in the future (oops) maybe I will do a haul and my much neglected you tube channel .

bye guys 

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