23 July 2013

chit chat # 2

Hey guys sorry I have been absent for the past 4 days I have been super busy with some personal stuff. However I have decided that I am going to continue to post every single day bar the weekends.

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I am going to try to get back on with my productive Tuesday as I really miss writing them. So the plan for this blog is a post everyday except weekends mainly because I work on a weekend so it not always convenient. I am going to get with my you tube as I and start post at least one video a week but I would like post more so any ideas for that then let me know. I did have a separate twitter for my blog and YouTube but I have decided now just to link it to my personal as that is linked to my phone. As this is just easier as I forget about my other one so if you want to follow me on twitter then the link will be at the end of this post as will the link to my You Tube.  You find all the links for YouTube and twitter below and I will see you guys tomorrow. 

Bye Guys

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