24 July 2013

High end beauty product wishlist

Hey guys I thought I do I high end wish list for you guys as it has been a while since I have done wishlist post for you guys.

First thing on my list is the Laura Mercia mineral power at £31 ouch but I have seen so much hype about this powder foundation and it has such a good finish it looks so natural from what I have seen . 
The second thing is the Bobbi brown corrector as I have really bad under eye circles and I have seen and heard that this amazing at covering then this is the cheapest think on my list at £18.

CORALista Blusher
The next thing is the benefit coralista blush as I had my make up done at benefit counter once and she used this blush and I have wanted ever since but never had the funds for a £23.50 blush.

The Pore-Fessional Pore Minimiser 22ml
The finial product is another benefit product and it the porefessional primer as I find the the pores across my nose under my eye are are quite noticeable and would like to see if this would help.

anyway that's it for today see you tomorrow 
bye guys 

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