31 July 2013

L'oreal Paris GlamShine Stain Splash

Hey guys today I going to reveiw the L'oreal Paris Glam Shine Stain Splash this is meant to be the YSL glossy stain dupe. Now I can not confirm this as I do not own a glossy stain but I can tell what I think about it as a product.

So let crack on the thing i will say about this product is that I love the wand on this product is kind of heart shaped and makes the product super easy to apply . I also really like the packaging it looks really high end and feels quite expensive its not plastic and cheap feeling. Which consiering this product is £7.99 you expect this to be reasonable quality product .

How this product work you apply one layer of this on lips then you a minute and then you apply another layer to build the colour if you try and do this straight after the product comes bitty. The think that I am unsure of with this product is the fact it is so stick this not the product you want to be wearing if it a wind day as your hair will stick it not a good look .

The shade I have is Loretta as swatched above as you can it a lot different on lip than it appears what you swatch it on you hand .The only other problem I have with product is the shade range is not great this does let the product down. This a really good product and I would purchase more if they brought out some new shades for £7.99 definitely worth the money . This product is available form boots and superdrug so go grab your self one .

bye guys

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