30 July 2013

L'oreal Paris Micellar Solution

Hey guys I have using this product for a few months I got after wanting a make up remover but not wanting to pay for bioderma . 

This is basicly what bioderma and it is faction on the price a £4.99 I found about through a blog post on miss budget beauty blog. I love this stuff because I wear waterproof mascara because I have hooded eyes and I find a get transfer if I don't . This stuff removes it it does look like it does but when you take away the cotton pad  you can see the little black spot of mascara .

It last ages I have had this for about three months and I have only just had to repurchase it. i think this is well worth looking at if you are think about . Biodermia is £9.99 for a 250ml bottle you get two bottles of this for that just something to think about 

This product is available in large boots and superdrugs store I repurchased this from Sainburys so maybe available from supermarkets .
bye guys

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