19 July 2013

maybelline colour tattoo

Hey guys as you will see if you watched my beauty haul on my you tube channel link here . I recently brought the maybelline colour tattoo  in the colour on and on bronze or bad to the bronze if your in the states.

This eye product makes a great base for other shadows to be layered on top and it also great on it own as a wash of colour over the lid. Once this product is there its not going anywhere .The colour is highly pigmented so what is the pot is the colour it will be on you eyes . This product is very much like a mac paint pot but for a lot less as it is only £4.99 defiantly worth it .

Overall it is great product as and is very quick and easy to apply I have been using this very day since I got it. I would defiantly buy more as there are great for every day and as a base for eye shadow. At 4.99 how could you go wrong ? This product is available at boots and superdrug so go grab it !

bye guys 

p.s  these picture where taken with my new camera what do you think ? good aren't they.

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