10 July 2013

On the go make up essentials

Hey guys I know its meant to be a productive Tuesday today but i have ran out of ideas for them so having a few weeks off from them . So guy today I am going do post about those must have essentials we all have in are hand bags .

We all have the small make up bag in are handbags but what really ideally should it contain ? First on list no matter what should be a lip balm defiantly in the winter  I have tube of carmex in mine . Powder I tend to get a shine forehead especially in summer I have the natural collection one . A small powder or Kubui brush I have one from a gift set from years in mine. The lipstick your wearing or any would do to touch up during the day I find something like the Revlon balm satins are good for this or a lip butter . The finial thing is of course a mirror of some sort and that really all you need . I have so cream blusher in mine because I find it come off during the day but that not essential it something I like to carry in case  . Oh and mascara for any touch I might need it the great lash one review here  

what you have in the make up bag in handbag?

bye guys 

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