02 July 2013

Productive Tuesday #12

This feel odd as I am writing this post on Friday as I will not have my laptop for a few days so just in case I want to make sure a had a few posts ready to go up . Anyway your reading this on a Tuesday so the subject productive Tuesday is well I don't know guys I am running out of ideas and after 12 of these this shouldn't really surprise me but it does .

Funny Cry For Help Ecard: I have nothing to say to any of you.
picture from here

 I know today will tell you I produce this productive Tuesday posts I think of a topic .I then find picture or quote or e card and base the rest of the post off that.

Productive Tuesday facts

  •  My productive Tuesday post are the ones that take me the longest to write.

  •  I have to have complete silence in order to write then but they are the post I like writing the best funnily enough although they are the most work. 

  • To me productive Tuesday are my lifestyle type post and the post where  I can get thing off my chest that annoy me such as when I did my healthy eating post. so there is your productive Tuesday 

I might alter this post if I find a topic but i so it is a this is how I blog type post  hope you enjoyed this slightly different post or have any ideas for productive Tuesday then please leave me a comment or a tweet link here or email me address is on the slide on blog on the welcome section.

bye guys

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