01 July 2013

Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer

Hey guys I have had these for a month now I have tried and tested them for so it time for me to review them for you . 

I have two of these so far and I love then they are not really a lip gloss as they are more of liquid lipstick . They are really pigmented and stay put for really long time even after eating you just a quick touch up  . I have to apply them with a lip brush as I find the amount you get on the applicator  is enough for your whole mouth. the product is quite thick in consistency. I apply it with a lip brush because other wise I end up in mess but I am not very good with liquid products however you might find it easier with applicator that just I  have found using a brush easier .  

I got two shades a pink shade called apocoliptic and a nude shade called eclipse which I am I don't like so might swap with my mum as she has the shade celestial .This again is more of pink shade I cant find the perfect nude for me so if you have good nude lipsticks let me know . There is nude called Luna the I might try I don't need to swatch them on the lips for you as they are so pigmented they look the same. Overall I love then and I do plan on getting some more as they stay very well highly recommend defiantly worth the you tube hype .

Bye guys


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