06 July 2013

Update And General Beauty Chatter

Hey guys sorry I have not been around for few days I didn't get my laptop when I thought I would . I have been catching up on my you tube and I was watching the daily mix beauty boot camp link here and it made me realise how much I miss making videos on my channel link here . So if you guys have any ideas then please let me via twitter link here or in the comments and I will try and film them for you .

original picture form here please note this picture has been heavily edited by me 

The other week  before my laptop went away for repair I was watching a video on body talk with the pixiwoo sisters. It was with Caroline Hirons about skincare link here  . Now we all know that for you make up to sit right you skin has to be prepared in order to make look its best as well as good technique. So I changed my skincare up and brought a new cleanser and toner . I have to say I can see the difference at first I wasn't sure about changing my routine . I thought I was going to be a very expensive but after doing some research and looking on boots I have found some cheaper alternatives.As she was suggesting £95-300 moisturisers and I £36 cleanser but when doubt head to boots have a snoop and with the advice she gives find a more budget friendly option.I will be reviewing the items of skin care I have brought but not quite had them long enough yet, as well as new foundation I have been trying for a while . Don't forget to leave me video suggestions below maybe a skin care routine ? 

bye guys 

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