29 July 2013

Wearing Make Everyday Good or Bad?

Hey guys this post is just beauty chat on because you hear so much about have bad make up is for skin and how you should wear it every and I am here to debate this.

I personally don't wear make up everyday but I know people do I don't have a problem with it but if you look on the internet there is loads on how it bad for you. But how because lets think about this as long as you make up is not expired and you wash your face and take it off before you go to bed at night how can this be. If you wear make up everyday then there is a good chance you are replacing regularly because you will run out every couple of months so the chances are that you not putting expired make up that is growing bacteria on it  so what's the problem. 

If you wear make up every day or even most day and you going bed with on at night then I can see how this bad for you because those chemicals are sitting and absorbing in the skin that i see . But if you wear make you should have a good skin care routine down so you clean your face twice a day like you teeth . Therefore it shouldn't be a problem does anyone else see my point here . I dont wear make up if i am not leaving the house for two reasons one there no point no one is going to see me and two i like a have few days to give my skin and chance to breath and be skin . 

what do you guys think ?let me know in comments or on twitter.

bye guys 

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