05 August 2013

Avon week begins

Hey guys today is the start of of Avon week yay! I have lots of products to review for you so not sure if this might run in to next week or possible have to have two posts a day.

This is going to be like the contents page to Avon week in this post i am going to tell you all the products i will be reviewing i sound like i am writing a essay lol. I will tell you all the products i am going to review then as the week goes on I will link the reviews to each product on this page.So if you need to catch up you just come back to this page.

I have to two bases for you to review as i couldn't decide weather I want to review a foundation or the bb cream so I am going to review  both .I have three lipsticks i am going to review but they will all be in one post and they are quite every day colours. Two lipglosses i am goign review as well because review lipstick with lipgloss .I have luminous blush i am going to review I have bronzer if you want to review that .  I forgot a powder silly me but I didn't forget concealer so i will review that . I also have eye shadow quad which had a white colour in it so will use that to set the concealer if needed and an eyeliner. Of cause  mascara couldn't forget this but here a sneaky tip off it not a normal mascara.

BB cream review
Foundation review
Lipstick review
Lip gloss review
Blusher review
Bronzer review
Concealer review
Eyeshadow review
Eyeliner review
Mascara review

So I will link the above up with there relavant posts as we go along the week so ten posts to write in one week think we can do it guys ?

bye guys 

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