14 August 2013

Avon week : True Colour Eyeshadow Qaud

Hey guys I just gonna finish avon week in my own time I am sorry this is taking so long but working and blog twice a day was killing me. So I will finish Avon over the course of this week so just bear with me . 

Today I am going to review the true colour eye shadow qaud  the name is stone taupes and it is a collection of neutral colours perfect for everyday. Each eye shadow has a number in it. They are not the most pigmented put they are not really talc like either . 

shades form left to right 4,3,2,1
The pallet is around £8-£10 so not bad for four colours although not the most pigmented they come in four different shades collections including stone taupes, skyline ,purple haze ,emerald cut. They are new formula to the old quads and will be available form campaign 15  from you Avon Representative and possibly online. 

bye guys 
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  1. This is my favorite quad so far and I'm definitely going to order this next week

  2. yep it available form brochure 14 it not online yet as far as i know

  3. Oh, I'm not from the USA, I was just looking at the products because you Americans get thing earlier. Maybe it's because you switch brochures every two weeks but we rotate every three and usually get less colors but I'm happy that we will get this quad :)

  4. not form the usa i am from the uk i am an avon representive this is have i have the stuff early so it will be in brochure 14 in the uk but on the uk online shop sorry if i have confused you x

  5. Sorry, now I saw your email address and it clearly says UK ;)

  6. its fine dont worrie about honest mistake to make x