06 August 2013

Avon week :Ultra colour lipstick

Hey guys today I am going to review the Avon ultra colour lipsticks the new formula which is available from campaign 15 . 

from left to right shades are dermure,toasted rose,ripe papaya

These lipsticks are very nice creamy moisturing with great colour selction. However they last  no time at all which is a down side . They are just bog standard lipstick not much I can say  on these ones . The package again is very Chanel and they have a see though top so you can see the colour though it with have to look at the botton handy. The one thing I did find odd is that each lipstick has its own lid that's sound simple doesn't but what I mean is if you have three lipstick you cant put a lid from on lipstick in the range on different shade it wont fit . 

shade from right to left are ripe papaya,toasted rose ,dermure

These lipsticks are very nice but not going to be for you if don't like to touch up lipstick through out the day . They come in great shade range and are available form you Avon representative and possibly on online form mid September at around £8.
bye guys 


  1. Hi, is Ripe Papaya coral or just a standard orange (I can't see it clear from the picture)
    Thanks and I love your Avon swatches, they help me a lot :)

  2. it more a coral colour is meant to be the new formula of perfect peach and it is available in this brochure but not online as of yet x