14 August 2013

Avon week:Mega effects mascara

Hey guys we made the finial post of Avon week woo . I am so glad but I have learnt my lesson next time I do one of these week it will be just a week. I will pre write them all in one before hand because other wise its too much. 

The mega effects mascara is going to come out in campaign 15 and had very odd applicator but it is meant to be the mascara that will change mascaras forever. Apparently the applicator is meant to be easier to use for people that suffer with arthritis how much that is true I don't know. 

The wand is well weird there no other way to describe it but it does give an amazing effect once you get the hang of it . I think this would be easier to use if we weren't all use normal mascara wands but as I say it just getting the hang off it . It not by any means cheap at £10 but it an intresting product to play with .

Personally if your intrigued buy it because Avon have 90 day money back a guarantee so if  you don't like it you can send it back even if used so really cant go wrong. It will be available from campaign 15 which is around mid September and will be 10 pound. I think at first it will only be  available  from your Avon Representative  but don't quote me on that .

bye guys 

p.s Do think this will be the mascara  to change all mascaras as we know them ?

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