22 August 2013

back to school essentials

Hey guys  today I posted a video on my you tube channel yes I know shock horror so I will link that here . So the video was back to school essentials you know those must have to have in school bag to get you though the day with  out looking like a hot mess.

So the first thing on that list would be concealer because school means early morning which means dark circles from not enough sleep. I choose the collection perfecting long lasting concealer as it is cheap as chips at £4.19 link.

The next is obviously powder for setting that concealer and keep oil at bay for this i choose the natural collection powder as again it is cheap as chips at £1.99 link .The next thing is obviously need is  mirror as you need this to apply /touch up your concealer and powder link.   

The next thing is a hair brush especially if you have P.E as nobody wants to go round school with tangled hair. To go with this theme you also will need a dry shampoo because again sweaty greasy hair is not a good look .The next thing is face wipes to refresh you self after P.E or just during the day . i cant believer i nearly forgot hand sanitizer . 

bye guys 

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