15 August 2013

Latest in beauty

Hey guys so Avon week is over I hope you enjoyed it but in all honesty is killed me posting two to three times a day so back to normal. 

So this morning a received some samples form latest in beauty it a website its free to sign up to and very 30 days you can request a little beauty box you can pick three samples and they send you them for free. They also do beauty boxes but you can see what is inside before you buy and every get the same so no beauty box envy . 

The boxes they currently stock and prices :

                                                   Mother and Baby Box      £20 inc P&P
                                                   Clean and Fresh box      £7.95 free P&P
                                                   Beauty from with in box  £8 plus £3.95 P&P
                                                   Editors picks                    £12.95 inc P&P
                                                   Glamour Beauty edit box  £14.95 inc P&P
                                                   Pampering discovery box  £9.95 no P&P 

So yeah if you fancy a beauty box but you don't have to have every month and can see what inside before hand go sign up to the latest in beauty they are the same people that were doing the beauty advent calender at Christmas time .

buy guys 

p.s This post is not sponsored these are completely me own opinions 

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