20 August 2013

L'oreal rouge caresse lipstick

Hey guys I am here to day to talk about the L'oreal rouge caresse lipstick .Which I think are a dupe for the YSL rouge volupte shine. In case you didn't L'oreal own YSl so if you ever want an YSL dupes then L'oreal is probably the best place to look.

The packaging is very nice but I would  personally pay £7.99 for this rather than the Revlon lips butters (review here) . I am just not a fan they don't feel as nice on lips as theses do  . In my opinion this has a better shade range even it does only have 12 shades to the 21 shades of Revlon lip butter but the the lip butter all seem to be very samey  to me anyway  if your not a fan of the lip butters try these.

So I have the shade rebel red and if you are bit weary of red lips then this is the lipstick for you as it is a covers the lips very sheerly. Its a balm lipstick cross which is what I thought the lip butter were going to be . As with the lip butter they don't last very long so this is something I tend to keep in my handbag as top up or change of lip colour during the day. They are available form superdrug and boots at the some price as the lip butter .
 bye guys 

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