17 August 2013

MUA lash boom mascara

Hey guys as weekend post for today as didn't post on Friday as was in work so a few days I was in superdrug and noticed this. I have never had much luck with MUA mascara but it was the wand on this that intrigued me. 

So this product is £3 from superdrug or online I like this product overall and it dose give you volume and it does give you length. It gives a natural look to the lashes it would be good if you wanted use it for a no make make look or you just want wear mascara. It not something that if you wear it on you own it going to look too much like it can be some mascaras. 

The wand on this is very similar to the elf 3 in1 volumising mascara so if you are not in the UK then this would most like be a good alternative . It like a normal mascara wand but has this bobberly bit on the end so you get every single lash even the very inner one or the ones right on the outer corner. 

The bobley bit on the end of the wand really is good for doing your bottom lashes. I Had no other make up on but you can see how it coats and separates you lashes in such a natural way . So for £3 I would say go try it the only problem I have with this product is that they don't do it in a waterproof version. I really love the packaging of this product is colourful it stands out it reminds of the Maybeline packaging. Go grab this product because if you dont like it its £3 not £8 . it available at some  superdrug stores or online link .

bye guys 

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