25 August 2013


hey guys i know this is not a topic we usually discuss on this blog but it my blog and as someone wrote today on twitter your blog is your space and never let anyone dictate to you what should/shouldnt be on your blog 

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As some of you will know this blog is not every old i started it December last year link to first ever post and i have gone though phases with it but since the start of last year I have really put a lot of effort in to this blog. i can see that paying off now especially on twitter there are loads of you that follow me and favourite my posts and i really enjoying seeing it grow and find out about new blogs . It a wonderful relationship that has grown with my blog and the people that read it we all understand each other because we all have one thing in common a addiction to make up /beauty lol. 

Now my blog is my space i don't have great home life and i am 19 but my relationship with my dad has always been bad. it got worse when I found I had another sister who look like my twin but is six years older than me . the problem is he doesn't understand me and he doesn't even try he just things I am silly little girl that knows nothing and doesn't nothing. which is completely wrong since I have a job I am Avon rep and I maintain this blog and I am going to start maintain my you tube channel. 

I do understand why we have a bad relationship but sometimes it really does baffle me why father daughter just cant seem to get on .I mean we don't even speak if he as problem he tells my mum who then tells me I mean come that ridiculous . it probably shouldn't bother me as I have great relationship with my mum and both my sisters and I have a wonderful boyfriend most of the time lol who has a really bad relationship with his parents. so it probably shouldn't bother me but it does . Why are relationship such strange things and can be really difficult I don't understand do you guys have bad relationship with some in your family how do you cope with it ?

bye guys

p.s there a huge daddy long legs in my room eeek

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