22 August 2013

Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer #2

Hey guys as some of you may remember I did a review of these at the beginning of july since then I have three new colours I want to share with you .

So the three new shades are Luna ,Stellar.Celestial  I have to say I wear these three more than I wear the other two well i gave the nude one two my mum .

left to right luna,stellar ,celestrial

Luna is peach colour every nice very good for every day stellar is a reddy pink colour again other great every day shade or even a shade if you want something to take  you from day to night.  Celestial the perfect pink not to bright but not sickly baby/Barbie  pink. I love theses things definitely  worth you tube hype if you want a more in depth review I will leave the link to my other review here.

bye guys 

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