01 August 2013

Skincare routine

Hey guys today I am going  do a post on my everyday skin routine the product I use and things I like about that make me continue to use them .

I am going to start from the morning and then will do my night time routine just because that makes sense to here we go.

Champneys Conditioning Cleansing Milk

This I use in the morning I love this product for several reasons but on it the packaging because it has pump so it not a lot of mess . You pump 2-4 pumps on to you hands and put it on to my dry face. The using flannel and hot water wash it off . This also leaves you skin so soft put cleansing milks are generally good for dry and dehydrated skin. This is £7.50 and is only available at boots I think I haven't seen anywhere else .

Biotherm Pure.fect Skin Toner 

This is an exfoliating toner I just sweep this over my face after cleansing both morning and night with a cotton wool pad . There no much else to say about this it smells odd it fresh but chemically at the same time. Don't use it near your eyes and it is quite expensive at £15.50 at boots and on line .

Botanics Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm

This when you first open it looks like a jar of Vaseline however it is not so don't freak out  it does come with a muslin cloth but i prefer to use a flannel .I don't be put off by the look of this because it does the job I use this at night and it takes all your make up off . You take a out a blob work it between you hands then spread over a dry face . Then run the hot tap put you flannel underneath and don't take it out from underneath it until your fingertips cant stand it . To get this off you need to use hot water other wise it not coming off because the heat in the water melts the balm off your face . It 8.99 and after you have used you face feels so soft and it clean.

Solutions Moisturiser For Dehydrated Skin

I have done review on these I will link it here . I use the gel one in the morning and the then creamy formally at night . They are extremely moisturising  and cheep at around £3-5 a pot not bad considering the quality and the hydration they give.

bye guys 

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