25 August 2013

update and anxiety

Hey guys so I been absent over the past few days I have just had so personal stuff to attend to so as result you get blog post and video tomorrow (well it half past midnight so technically today) to make  up for my absence .

picture form  here 

You lucky people I dont know if I have ever spoke about this on my blog before but I suffer with anxiety and panic attacks .Since  experiencing this  I have learnt that I am not alone and there a quite a few off us . It started when I was college I don't what triggered it to this day but they were really bad and I had them every day and they could last up to two hours. Any way the past few days I have been feel very anxious about every to the point of not wanting to do anything or even go out . Obviously everything cant stop because of this but I felt I need to take a bit of a break from my blog.  

On top of these anxious feeling I have also not been well which is not good it all started on my birthday which I  did post a post on it was the back to school essential post . Any way i just wanted to let know where i had been these past few days . Also i just want to say if you do suffer with anxiety you are not on your own and it does get better not matter how bad your anxiety with the right help you can learn to control it .

bye guys 

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