11 August 2013

what been going on ?

Hey guys it been a few day since I have been on this little slice of the internet I know. There has been a lot going on so let discuss. 

I am Avon representative as some of you will know and this unfortunately over the past few days as been taking up a lot of my time as well as other things. Some people in my family are going through some rough  times so I have to make to time to be there for them. On Monday any post that are posted will be scheduled post  as I have to be some where as hopefully they will come through this rough patch and out other end and be able to more on. I know I am being very vague but I don't want to post my personal life all over the internet but at the same time you guys are going to  want to know where I have been so this is what I am trying to do although It is very hard because they is only so much I am willing to disclose to you guys as I am sure you will understand. I will however finish Avon week in the next couple of days so don't worry I haven't  forgotten just been extremely busy recently. So you guys today will possibly end up with three posts today but I wanted to write this post before I put anything else up so you guys would understand a bit better why they as suddenly  been a big gap between posts . 

bye guys 

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